Domestic violent acts are a crime and must be handled in criminal court. ,… In too many cases, judges look at allegations against domestic violence as just a way to obtain custody and then transfer the case to the family court.

The Federal government has passed a variety of domestic violence laws in order to protect those who are married or members of a domestic partnership from being abused and victimized. There are laws of domestic violence in Florida that protect against stalking from violence, travel to commit it, and assaults against females.

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These laws are addressed particularly at the federal level, but in addition, there are state-specific laws too.

In 1994 Congress became involved in combating domestic violence and passed legislation that was part of the crime bill. In the past, the government had no jurisdiction over a domestic violence-related crime that took place in the local community. These kinds of crimes were handled at the state and local levels. They were dealt with at the state and local levels.

The precedent established in 1994 by Congress 1994 was extended to all fifty states. States were asked to pass more severe laws on criminal acts that are related to domestic violence. In the years since legislation has been made to tackle other problems including stalking, online stalking, crimes related to the internet like the communication of threats, and so on.