As buildings and homes get older, window lintel replacements are becoming more common. Window lintel replacement should be done in a way that minimizes damage to the masonry. For proper services of lintel replacement in Sydney, you can approach the professionals.

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Because the lintels are difficult to reach, this can prove tricky. There have been cases where other contractors removed 10 rows of bricks from above a door or window opening.

Window lintel replacement can be complicated because it is difficult to find suitable bricks that match the existing masonry. This will ensure that your window lintel installation will be seamless.

It can be difficult to find a brick that matches the existing masonry in this area for a window replacement. To provide additional protection for the new steel, experts make sure the lintel that is being replaced with the damaged one is properly primed.

Window lintel replacement will be necessary because moisture can infiltrate the masonry wall system, collect on the steel surface, and eventually corrode the steel lintel. The lintel's corrosion causes expansion of the steel, which lifts adjacent bricks.

Cracks can develop in the mortar and brick at the door or window top corners. Once a lintel reaches this point of deterioration, window lintel replacement can be the only option.