Although explicit sexual disclosure is allowed in some US states, federal sex crime laws are fairly strict, and Washington state laws are no exception. Under the Washington Sex Crimes Act, criminals are identified and categorized according to the severity or degree of their crime. 

It is designed to separate first-time offenders or sex offenders from experienced ones who are perceived as a threat to the masses. Level III offenders are usually predatory in nature and subject to the most severe penalties and restrictions. You can hire the best Fort Lauderdale sex crime attorney to be away from such issues by clicking at:

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What Affects Punishment for Sex Crimes? 

The punishment for sexual harassment depends on several critical factors. The nature of crime is an important consideration. In cases of rape, the ages of the accused and the victim are taken into account. Sometimes it is difficult to draw a fine line between consensual sex and forced sexual intercourse. 

If the perpetrator has just reached the age of majority and the victim is older, the legal nuances may be different. If the sexual act includes other forms of torture and psychological violence, the penalties can be severe.

Types of Sexual Offender Punishment: – Washington state law requires sex offenders to attend treatment or work. Treatment may be recommended by the judge if the defendant is found to be suffering from a sexual disorder or mania. Sex offenders have the right to participate in a rehabilitation program while in detention. This is done with the aim of making offenders aware of the damage caused and giving them the opportunity to return to mass life.