A data center is a facility that houses servers, storage devices, and telecommunications equipment used to store, process and transmit data. The components of a data center include the following:

1. Servers: A data center typically contains hundreds or even thousands of servers. These servers are used to store, process and transmit data.

2. Storage devices: Data center service often contain large amounts of storage space, which is used to store the data that is being processed by the servers.

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3. Telecommunications equipment: Data centers need to be able to transmit data quickly and securely between the servers and the outside world. This equipment includes switches, routers and cables. 

4. Backups: Data centers must have a backup system in place to ensure that the data is not lost due to human error or malicious attack. 

5. Cooling: Data centers need to constantly maintain a comfortable temperature in order to prevent the servers from overheating.

6. Power: To minimize costs and the environmental impact of data centers, most buildings use renewable energy sources such as solar power and skylight panels.

7. Security: Data centers must be secure enough to prevent unauthorized access and hacking attempts from malicious attackers. 

Data centers are important for businesses because they help them save money by using automated systems to manage their information.