Veneer is a thin porcelain shield that is used to protect the front surface of the teeth. They are permanent and increase the appearance of stained teeth, peeled off, damaged, or unsightly seen. Two appointments needed to complete the procedure.

An impression of the teeth is taken before the placement of the veneers. The impression is used to make your teeth replica. The cast is sent to the dental laboratory so the lab technician can make the veneers. Sometimes, the Lab technician will make a candle, which is a replica like what the final veneer will look. You can find out the the best dental veneers in Portland via

Your dentist can help you choose the veneer shade to your teeth. Dentists can adjust your veneer to your skin tone and your desire for whiter teeth. They will try to match the shade of Veneer to the surrounding teeth to ensure the natural look of Veneer is consistent with the overall appearance of other teeth.

To put Veneer, you might need anesthesia. Sometimes, teeth that have experienced extensive procedures such as root canals are not sensitive and therefore, you will not need anesthesia. The dentist will use a piece of handheld equipment to form the front surface of your teeth, eliminate some enamel. 

The dentist will then place the impression made before the procedure. The material impression is a thick pasta used to close the veneer to the teeth. The material needs to be set from 3-5 minutes. Another impression is taken to see how your teeth bite.