Your soil test report will supply you with valuable advice. Some of them are given in this article.  A soil test report might tell you if it is acidic or not. Apart from that you might know about other things  as well like:

Sodium amount – Too much sodium can reduce the plant's growth and the ability to take in nitrogen. A soil test might tell the ability of the soil to take sodium 

Organic thing level – This tells the level of the fertility of the soil. You can add compost to the soil to add organic matter. 

Knowing the requirements of your soil is quite vital while improving the farm or garden, and in seeding or renovating a present lawn. Having the appropriate ingredients on your soil is crucial in maintaining the farm. So, it's better to know all the details of the soil through organic soil testing from

Doing soil testing can be a good investment. If some specific area of the farm or garden has a problem, maintain that sample different from the other samples you've obtained.

The uniform samples all around the area ought to be taken to ascertain the precise pH. In certain kits, a little china dish is also given to select the sample for testing. 

They’ll also tell you what kind of soil you have, like if the soil is clayey or sandy in texture. You need to know these things as different kinds of plants are sown in different conditions and soil.