FFPE or Field-Free Precursor Extraction is a method of extracting drugs and other bioactive molecules from complex biological matrices, such as tissue or cells. Storage solution for FFPE tissue block extraction process typically begins by washing the matrix with cold water to remove surface contaminants. After the matrix is washed, it is soaked in an extraction solvent for a specific length of time, which effectively dissolves the bulk of the matrix while leaving behind the desired molecules. Once the desired molecules have been extracted, the solvent is removed and the remaining matrix is filtered off.


ffpe block storage


FFPE has become a popular method for bioactive molecules from complex biological matrices because it is an efficient way to extract large quantities of compounds from a small amount of material. Additionally, FFPE is versatile enough to be used with a variety of different extraction solvents, making it a versatile and adaptable method for extracting bioactive molecules from diverse matrices.

However, one drawback of FFPE is that it can take longer than traditional methods to extract compounds from a given sample. This is due to the fact that FFPE requires soaking the matrix in an extraction solvent for a specific length of time before extracting the desired molecules.