For many clinics that offer platelet-rich plasma therapy or cosmetic procedures, a proper PRP kit is vital. You can prepare PRP using any device with centrifugation that separates platelet concentrations from other blood cells. However, a PRP devising kit is the best way to obtain pure PRP suitable for PRP therapy.

What should PRP kits buyers be looking for?

A PRP centrifuge's primary function is to obtain a PRP sample that has a significant platelet count and concentration. It is important that a PRP kit can deliver a high number of platelets. A PRP medical device should be able to efficiently remove blood components from patients who require autologous platelet-rich plasma.

Why Is It Important To Use A Proper PRP Kit

While any centrifugation machine can get enough platelet concentrate to qualify for platelet-rich plasma treatment, only a proper PRP centrifuge can perform the extraction necessary to get the growth factor for a PRP injection. A PRP medical device can be used to make the process of PRP preparation easier.

For platelet-rich plasma therapy to be effective, it is necessary that the PRP product used is almost 100% pure. The PRP centrifuge must have a high platelet count. It should also be able to centrifuge blood components such as red blood cells and white blood cells. A PRP system that results in high deliverable platelets can easily create the ideal platelet concentrate for any PRP treatment while avoiding having any platelet-poor plasma.