You'll need to know the exact amount you'll receive if you apply. If you claim under an insurance policy for the critical illness you'll only receive one installment. This could be a huge amount of money dependent on how much you've decided to insure yourself for.

But, it might not be able to last if you're unable to be employed for a long period, or never be employed again. However, the income protection insurance will be in place for the duration you require it.

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Only a specific amount of specific illnesses are covered. Examine the policies carefully to ensure what conditions are covered. Some rules state that the policy documents should be written in simple, easy-to-read English to comprehend what you are covered for.

It is important to determine whether your medical condition is covered. They are conditions that you've previously had. Insurance companies will scrutinize your medical history as a family member and certain policies will take care of existing medical conditions, but some policies won't.

If your medical history from your family implies that there are conditions to be considered when you take your policy the insurer will explain these to you before signing the policy.