When you own an air conditioner you need to be prepared to have it routinely serviced by a qualified air conditioner repair technician. If your AC is properly serviced on a regular basis you can end up saving a lot of money. You can also visit https://www.ecotemphvac.com/ductless-ac/ for ductless AC service.

However, there are ways that you can protect your system yourself. What should you look for when checking your system and how will you know when to call in the pros?

1. The filters and coil

The filters of your air conditioner should be removed and thoroughly cleaned. If your air conditioner is ductless you should be able to locate the heat exchanging coil. It is situated behind the area where the filters are. Make sure that the coil is free of dirt and other debris.

2. Look for rust

It is very important that you inspect the unit thoroughly to determine whether there is any rust developing. It is vital to stop this from occurring as quickly as possible if you want to limit expenses. If the rust is minor you can simply paint over it using waterproof paint for steel surfaces. If it is advanced you will need to hire a professional AC repair service.

3. Check the heating and cooling functions

You must also check the Air Conditioner's heating and cooling functions. If the system does not alternate between the two this is a clear indication that the reverse valve is not operating properly. You will not be able to repair this and will need to hire a professional AC repair service.