CGC comics were difficult to sell before the advent of the internet. You also needed to find dealers who were willing to trade or sell them. The internet has made it much easier to buy, trade, or sell comic books. Here are the best places to sell or buy comics.

eBay is definitely number one. It is the most visited online auction site. eBay is a popular place for certified dealers to sell their products. If you're a collector, it takes only a few clicks to find the CGC comics you want. It's also a great place to sell your comic books (also known as ‘stripboeken’ in Dutch language).

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The Heritage Auctions is another option. This website is dedicated to comic book collectors and lovers. This site focuses on rare comics, so it can be easier to navigate. You can also deal directly with the owners, and they will take care of everything such as displaying your comic books up for sale for everyone to see. 

Third, you have the Comic Link auction website. This site has a nice feature: its owners are also avid comic book collectors and fans. You can post a list of comics you want to sell and be notified when someone buys them. You can also find other CGC-graded comics here. This is a great option for those who aren't sure whether they want to purchase self-graded comics.

Online transactions should be handled with extra caution. You are free to ask questions and be skeptical. Avoid dealing with sellers who are not available to answer your questions.